Dorothy Ann Pitts Cash

There are some things you go through life believing will never happen, even if deep down you know they will. The more time passes, the further from reality your heart can slip, and time is a thief. Knowing something is coming usually doesn’t seem to make it any easier, at least not for me.

Friday, April 1st, 2022, ten days from what would have been her 70th wedding anniversary, my Granny, Ann Cash, passed away. I suppose a milestone year like that was a good reason to join my Grandaddy and celebrate in Heaven. However, this a loss I don’t seem to be taking easily.

I have spent this weekend at home, remembering my Granny, crying many tears. I have gone through old letters she wrote me, books she has given me, newspaper articles she was featured in, and photos of her. I have spent time reflecting back over my own life, and the massive impact she made and love she gave. Much of the first half of my life was spent with her. She molded and shaped the woman I am, in ways she will never know, probably in ways I will never know.

If you never had the opportunity to know my Granny, trust me when I tell you, you really missed out. She was quite the woman!

She was tenacious, spirited and lively. She had high standards and expectations. It seemed she had an opinion on everything and was never afraid to share it, often unsolicited. She was a firecracker, strong willed and could be very difficult at times. But her thoughts and opinions meant something, they had substance. She was wise and educated, she was knowledgeable in many (most I believe) subjects, she was brilliant actually. So when my Granny said something, rest assured, there was something to it. You may not always want to hear it, but you probably should have. I didn’t realize most of these things growing up, so I bet if I had asked her now, I was likely one of her greatest challanges.

My Granny loved deeply and was loyal to those she cared for. Her family meant everything to her, and her friends were often a part of her chosen family. If there was a battle in your life, you wanted her by your side. That tenacity I mentioned, illuminated brightest when someone she loved needed her to show up. She would be there without fail. Her warrior spirit made her my fiercest protector in life.

Granny was also gentle. She was affectionate. Her hands were always soft and she gave the best back scratches and head rubs. I believe she was the most at peace when rocking a baby or small child she loved. I'm sure her grandchildren all would tell you that some of the moments in their lives they felt the safest and most relaxed, were crawled in her lap with her singing softly. For me, those were the times in my childhood when my soul was able to breathe easiest.

She served her community and poured herself into those around her. She gave of herself fully to make other’s lives better. Food was Granny’s love language and she was a gifted chef. There was never a day she wasn’t in the kitchen. If she cooked it, there wasn’t a chef in the world who could have done it better. She said "yes" to any opportunity to prepare a meal for someone in need, a community event, a church dinner, a friend’s party or a family meal. She loved to entertain and opened their home to host parties honoring many life milestones for those she knew.

I am not sure there was anything my Granny could not do that she tried. She was so creative and talented. She was a gifted musician, a meticulous seamstress, an accomplished theater actress, an avid reader, and a lifelong learner. She encouraged my creativity and never said no to any art project I wanted to try. She never got upset at the spilled paint or melted wax I destroyed the hardwood floors in my bedroom with. It was almost like she understood that was part of it. She was a true artist.

Most of my Granny’s personal wardrobe was very simple by the time I was old enough to remember, but in her younger years, she was always dressed classy and elegant. She was fashionable in the most tasteful ways. I loved to shop with her, she let me find my own style, while she guided it, without me even realizing. I think she enjoyed me trying new fashions and was happy when I would dress a little out of the normal box, or be ahead of the trends for my age. When we couldn’t find the outfit or dress we envisioned, she would make it for me, better than we would have ever found in a store. Maybe after raising three boys, her first grandchild being a girl was fun for her.

She was witty and funny. She loved to laugh, and she often did uncontrollably, to the point of tears. She could be silly and was sarcastic. Granny loved to have a fun time and to celebrate life. She was a night owl and didn’t mind sleeping in, which usually meant the party didn’t have to end just because the clock turned a certain time. Her humor, knowledge, talents and love, drew friends and neighbors to stop by their house frequently to see her. Age was just a number, which meant it didn’t matter how old you were, people just enjoyed knowing her, and she enjoyed them.

My relationship with my grandparents wasn’t always easy, because there were times they couldn’t just simply “be my grandparents”. My life called for more from them. Nevertheless, my Granny and Grandaddy were my safe haven in life, my constant, my stability. Their home here in Mississippi and the two people who anchored so much of my life, have remained as my peace of mind. They sold their house when I was 18 and my Grandaddy passed away when I was barely 21. Although I haven’t gotten to see my Granny as much as I wished I could have over the years, her presence on earth has always comforted me. Knowing she was there, a phone call away, has given me a secuirty no one knew, not even her. This loss is tremendous to my heart, her 92 years on earth simply was not enough for me.

I pray that being reunited with my Grandaddy and Daddy and her parents was a beautiful celebration in heaven for them all. I hope that in her eternity my Granny is able to play the piano, ring the handbells, march with her accordian, perform in starring roles on stage, cook delishious meals, meet her favorite painters and musicians and artists, read all the books she didn’t get to, sew next to her momma, laugh until she cries, entertain everyone and love those she has missed in her heart. I will be happy to see her again one day and soak up everything I was too young to realize she was.

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